Priti Patel isn’t just wrong over her immigration stance – she’s living in a whole other reality

The government are distracting from their failings by returning to what they know – getting tough on immigration

This week is has been the virtual Conservative Party Conference. Like so much of what our virtual government says, it is virtually nothing to do with reality.

The government are failing. This week’s failure was thanks to a file of 16,000 positive Covid-19 test results that failed to send (“dog ate my homework”). It seems in a virtual world those tests failed to land and who knows if they were traced or what happened.

Then we had our prime minister, Boris Johnson, taking to the airwaves to make mistake after mistake – highlighting that he has virtually no idea of exactly what the rules he is asking us to live by are.

The failures are all bad in and of themselves, but government missteps lead to a further downside for the rest of us. When ministers are backed into a corner, the government goes back to what it knows best – seeking to divide us and to go tough on immigration.


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