Lockdown ‘may kill 75,000 people’ in UK due to missing diagnoses and treatments

Nearly 75,000 people could die as a result of lockdown due to causes not related to Covid-19, research suggested.

Figures presented to the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) revealed that 16,000 people died as a result of chaos in hospitals and care homes in March and April.

According to the research, 26,000 more people could die if they do not seek urgent medical support when they are not feeling well and if problems in social care continue.

The document also said 31,900 people could die over the next five years due to missed cancer diagnoses, cancelled operations and the health impacts of a recession, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the study, up to 400,000 people could have died of Covid-19 if nothing had been done to stop the transmission of the virus in March.

a group of people in a room: The document said thousands of people may also die as a result of cancelled operations© Getty Images The document said thousands of people may also die as a result of cancelled operations

The figures were drawn up by civil servants at the Department of Health, the Office for National Statistics and the Home Office.

The document was presented to Sage during a meeting on July 15.

It also added: “We estimate there were approximately 10,000 non-Covid-19 excess deaths of care home residents in March and April 2020… there could be an additional 16,000 non-Covid-19 excess deaths over 12 months in care home residents.”

The research found about 12,500 people could die because of cancelled operations and 1,400 because of missed cancer diagnoses over the next five years.


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