Turkey Unveils Next Generation Flying Car Named After 12th-Century Inventor

Source: Daily Sabah

A prototype of Turkey’s first domestic flying car, called the “Cezeri,” is nearing completion, Baykar Technical Director Selçuk Bayraktar announced Tuesday.

Bayraktar – who is also the founding chairman of the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) – shared photos on Twitter of the prototype’s eight-month-long design process, from the initial sketches to its construction.

Bayraktar said the design team aims to complete the prototype in time for a debut at Turkey’s biggest aerospace and technology festival Teknofest, which begins on Sept. 17 at Istanbul Airport.

He said hardware, software and engine propulsion system development continues “uninterrupted” alongside the construction of the prototype’s frame.

The research and development process for the flying car will last years, he said.

He also shared images of four design alternatives for the paint design of the car, asking Twitter users to vote on their favorite by liking the posts.

The car gets its name from Ismail al-Jazari, one of the great Muslim inventors and engineers of the Islamic Golden Age who lived during the 12th century in eastern Anatolia.

Established in 1984, Baykar is engaged in the development of armed and unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), avionics systems, control systems and simulators.

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