The Open Secret of Rampant Child Abuse in Catholic Church in Germany

Cologne Cathedral in Germany, back view

Germany: Over 1,400 youths accuse Catholic religious orders of sexual abuse

Source: DW

As the German Catholic Church seeks to acknowledge decades of sexual abuse perpetuated and covered up by its clergy, one faction of the church remained relatively silent — until now.

A survey into sexual abuse within religious orders found that at least 1,412 people approached the organizations claiming they were sexually abused as children, teenagers or as wards. The research, published on Wednesday, was conducted by an umbrella group for the leaders of religious orders in Germany (DOK).

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The DOK acknowledged the pain caused by its members and recognized its “failure” in tackling the issue.

At least 654 monks, nuns and other members of the orders were accused of abuse. Around 80% of the victims were male and 20% female.

Aachen Cathedral in Aachen Germany

Most of abusers now dead

The DOK also said that around 80% of the suspected abusers have since died, while 37 of the accused have left their orders.

Out of the 392 religious orders in Germany, 291 responded to the questionnaire. Out of those who participated, over one third said they had logged allegations of sexual abuse.

Some of the allegations date back to the 1950s and 60s when many local schools and boarding schools in Germany were run by monks and nuns. 

Although over 75% of the members of Germany’s religious orders are women, the alleged perpetrators were overwhelmingly male. 

No further information on the personal details of the victims or the perpetrators was included in the report, the DOK said, as the religious orders were promised anonymity.

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