Beirut explosion: Protesters storm ruined streets and beg Macron to help topple ‘regime

Ryan Merrifield
a group of people walking down the street in front of a crowd: French President Emmanuel Macron visiting a devastated street of Beirut© DALATI NOHRA HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock French President Emmanuel Macron visiting a devastated street of BeirutProtesters stormed the streets of Beirut and begged Emmanuel Macron to help them topple the “regime” they blame for Tuesday’s devastating blast.The visiting French President on Thursday promised aid to Lebanon as he toured the ruined streets.But he reassured angry citizens reeling from a blast that killed 145 people that no blank cheques will be given to its leaders unless they enact reforms and end rife corruption.

Speaking at a news conference Macron called for an international inquiry into the devastating explosion that generated a seismic shock felt across the region.

He said it was an urgent signal to carry out anti-corruption reforms demanded by a furious population.

a group of people looking at a cell phone: Macron hugs a resident in the shell-shocked city© POOL/AFP via Getty Images Macron hugs a resident in the shell-shocked cityDozens are still missing after Tuesday’s explosion at the port that injured 5,000 people and left up to 250,000 without habitable homes.

It hammered a nation already staggering from economic meltdown and a surge in coronavirus cases.

Officials have said the death toll – given by a security source – was likely to rise.

a group of people walking on a city street talking on a cell phone: Anti-government protesters chanting against the government more:

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