Supermodel and activist Joan Smalls pledges 50% of her wages to fight racial injustice

Source: Yahoo

By Reggie Wade

Supermodel and activist Joan Smalls did not only put her voice forward in the battle against systemic racism, she also used her paycheck. Smalls is donating 50% of her salary for the remainder of 2020 to organizations advancing racial equality and justice.

She joined Yahoo Finance’s “The Final Round” to discuss Donate My Wage, an online platform she launched to inspire people to make similar commitments.

“Like everyone else during the pandemic, it awakened an activist in all of us,” said Smalls, who called out the fashion industry, saying it’s time that it recognized racial injustice and systemic racism.

“Seeing an industry that I love so much, and be silent, in a time that is so important for all of us … I wanted to take action. And in order to do that, I just had to step up and lead by example,” she said.

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