India could up the ante with new Rafale fighter jets

Source: AT

It was bound to happen, and India has no choice. Bullied by a menacing China, it must push every button, and then some.

Fresh, shiny new combat-ready Rafale fighter jets, sitting on the tarmac — why not send them up?

Military strategists know that one good strafing by French-made Rafale’s toting Meteor missiles in the Ladakh sector would end China’s occupation in minutes — but who wants to start a war of attrition?

Fact is, the Indian Air Force could deploy its new Rafale fighter jets in the Ladakh sector as part of India’s overarching plan to strengthen its military posture in the region, according to an official familiar with developments, the Hindustan Times reported.

Indian and Chinese forces are locked in a tense border confrontation and disengagement has turned out to be a challenging process, the official said on Sunday, ahead of a key IAF commanders’ meet this week.


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