The Angel of Death

Editor’s Note:   Sorry, but with all this talk about Corona Corona Corona I remember again the old Iraqi story about the Angel of Death (author unknown). Please permit me to bring it again:


Once upon a time (quite some time ago) there lived a gentleman alone in a nice villa in Basra, together with his man-servant. The servant used to go daily to the Bazaar to look for the freshest of vegetables and the choicest of meats.

The servant usually took his time, gossiping a bit with his friends and colleagues, whom he met in the Bazaar. The master being a nice guy did not mind and was not worried if the servant took his time.

One day however, hardly did the servant reach the Bazar that he rushed back home and shouted to the Master:

‘ Master, master, give me a camel. I have to go to Samarra’.

The master told the servant to calm down and explain and finally the servant came up with the details.

I went to Bazar and there I met the Angel of Death and he recognized me !   He said to me ‘Hussain, what are you doing here?’

So I came home running and PLEASE, master, give me a camel I have to go to Samarra.

The master being a nice guy said, ok, take one and the servant rushed off.

After some minutes the master reflected and thought, my servant usually tells the truth. Let me go to bazar and see what is going on. And he went.

And … really, he met the Angel of Death there. So he told him:   ‘Why did you have to scare my servant so much?’

The angel of death replied:    ‘Sorry, I was just so surprised to see your servant here, because I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarra’.

Ah well,  the angel of death seems to be rather busy these days with corona, corona, corona…

picture does not reflect the Iraqi origin of the story


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