This is the real reason Iran is backing away from its conflict with the US

Iranian authorities were surprised by the unrest that followed the shooting down of a Ukrainian airline in ‘human error’. They can’t risk the political fallout of another crisis at a time of huge economic uncertainty


Ahmed Aboudouh
14 hours ago

Iran is moving from a policy of brinkmanship to the art of appeasing the US. This new Iranian strategy is now expected to continue through what remains of Donald Trump’s period of presidential office.

Reports this week revealed secret talks between the two rivals had resulted in securing Mustafa al-Kadhimi, the US-leaning politician, as the new prime minister of Iraq. Iran has also reportedly played a central role in helping Washington facilitate a crucial reconciliation between the two main power contenders in Afghanistan – President Ashraf Ghani and his opponent Abdullah Abdullah. Then comes the talk about the withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria, a strategic objective the Trump administration has long pressed for.

In return, the US pulled patriotic air-defence systems out of Saudi Arabia and agreed to grant waiver status for some of the countries trading with Iran, exempting them from strict economic sanctions.

How did this happen? Two events broke the ice: the assassination of the Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani in January and, somewhat inevitably, the global outbreak of coronavirus.



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