Refutation: Ahmadiyya secretly funded: FIJI SUN.TV

Refutation of allegation that (AMC) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is secretly funded

 Dr. H. Koya

PAKISTAN – Videos have been viral recently that it is notoriously rumored that international Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has some sort of offshore accounts and are being secretly funded.

Umar Mulah a Facebook user challenged the Fiji Sun editor Dr. Koya on his Ahmadiyya beliefs and claimed that he has evidence to show the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) is secretly funded.

In addition to giving a direct reply to Umar Mulah, the editor produced a short video and told Umar that since he made the accusation and claims has evidence, Umar has the onus to produce the evidence in proof of his case.

In the video the editor crushed Umar that AMC is a properly registered non-profit corporation duly regulated by State and Federal Laws in the same way as in Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and UK. The editor said that all Mosques, Churches, Hospitals and Schools in US operate under the same provisions of law and there is no way one can play around with it. All accounts are audited and all tax returns are submitted to State and Federal governments as required.

The editor said every member of AMC pays 1/15th of his salary every month and never solicits donations from public. He told Umar that AMC does not deal in peanuts. Building mosques and schools costs millions of dollars. He told Umar that it was a shame that Umar was spreading false rumors against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and demanded that he produce the documents in his possession and post them online on the Facebook.

The editor also bashed Umar for implying that AMC may be money laundering which is a serious matter.  He urged Umar to produce documentary evidence not mere verbal allegations.

After the release of the video shown below, Umar Mulah apologized. The editor accepted his apologies and asked him to post in the comment section which Umar did.

As a result of the video going viral, Arabic-speaking Facebook fan Ms. Bakya Marwa, asked a copy of the video did which the editor provided. Ms. Marwa is interested in improving her English and is seeking help from the editor.

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2 replies

  1. Even if the Ahmadiyya Jama’at would have an offshore account, what is the problem? They are a tax-free foundation and consequently would not be ‘hiding’ funds from tax authorities (like the big shots of Pakistan with their Panama papers for instance). So what is all the fuss about?

  2. Thanks for your critical comments.
    Please keep in mind that there’s currently a rumored allegation against the going viral emerging mostly from certain quarters in Pakistan .
    In addition to being a news reporter, I am also Secretary Publication for the Bay Point Ahmadiyya Muslim.
    As such it is my duty to keep a WATCH OF both negative and negative reporting, however trivial it might be.
    I sueze every opportunity and try take a nib it the budd approach.

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