EU grants protection to nearly 300,000 asylum-seekers in 2019

European Union member states granted protection to 295,800 asylum-seekers in 2019, the EU’s statistical office announced Monday.
According to the latest data released by Eurostat, the largest group of beneficiaries were Syrians with a 27% share of the total number of positive decisions. Seventy-one percent of the Syrians, 56,100 people, are hosted by Germany.

The second- and the third-biggest groups of successful asylum-seekers are from Afghanistan and Venezuela, representing 14% and 13% of the EU total, respectively.

Germany is providing protection to the highest percentage of Afghanis, 41% or 16,200 people, while nearly all the Venezuelans, 94% or 35,300 people, found new homes in Spain.

Venezuelan asylum-seekers had the greatest chance to have their applications approved, with as many as 96% of their claims getting accepted in the first decision.

The recognition rates for Syrians and Eritreans are 85% and 81%, respectively.

Albanian and Georgian applicants had the lowest chance of gaining protection; 96% and 94% of their claims, respectively, were rejected at the first instance.

Over three-quarters of the nearly 300,000 successful applicants were granted international protection by the four biggest EU states.

Of all the positive decisions in the EU, 39% was registered in Germany, followed by France with 14%, Spain with 13%, and Italy with 10%.

Of the total number of EU beneficiaries, 3% were Turkish citizens, with a relatively high recognition rate of 52%.

Turkish asylum-seekers were the second-biggest group among successful applicants in the Netherlands and the third in Belgium, with 17% and 10%, respectively. In the Netherlands, 975 people were granted protection, while its southern neighbor accepted 695 people.

Most are assumed to belong to the Gülenist Terrorist Group (FETÖ), the faction behind the July 2016 defeated coup in Turkey, which killed 251 people and injured nearly 2,200.

Turkish politicians have long criticized European countries for becoming a safe haven for FETÖ members, and demand the return of key FETÖ suspects and coup plotters to Turkey for a fair and transparent trial at home.

Ankara accuses FETÖ of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through infiltration into Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police and judiciary.


Editor’s Note:    THIS NEWS IS FROM TURKEY as you will note.

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  1. Christians countries have been treating Muslim kindly even different beliefs. Why? Because

    INJIL teach Christian to love all people if you really love God-/ if your enemy hangry give them bread and if they are thirthy give them water to drink—-

    But unfortunately most of Muslim refugees do not know how to appreciate Christians, some of them still hate toward Christians by attacking their faith or religion.

    Different Hindus or Budha People— they do not attack Christian beliefs, they are peaceful refugees—

    So no wander there are many Islamophobia in Europe countries—

    My best advice to Muslims who live in Christian countries try to respect Christians by promoting Islam openly in publict place ( i.e do not wear hijab, halal foods, syariah school, Bank Syariah, Halal restaurant , etc )

    With love

    • typical Somi. Most of Muslim refugees appreciate their hosts having accepted them VERY MUCH. The haters among them are a miniscule minority, mentally deranged. Hindu and Buddhists? Seems you are not reading the news what is happening in India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. My best advice to Muslims who live in Christian countries to respect Christians. Real integration means you are permitted to express yourself freely. You are permitted to wear hijab, eat halal foods, teach your children your religion, open Islamic banks and Halal restaurants. Yes, contribute to the free society (and do not mind Somi). With love.

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