RELIGION: COVID-19 impacts Passover & Ramadan services and celebrations.

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Christians aren’t the only faith trying to reconfigure a way to celebrate April holy days during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many celebrate Easter today, those of the Jewish faith are in the midst of Passover — a 10-day holiday celebrating the ancient Israelites freedom from slavery in Egypt — which began last Wednesday and continues through Thursday.

Meanwhile, Muslims are preparing for Ramadan, a month-long holy time which begins April 23.

Meanwhile, at the mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on Colvin Boulevard in Niagara Falls, for Ramadan, where Muslims all over the world fast between sunrise and sunset and spend much time in prayer, there will likely be no big dinners to break the month long fast on May 23.

Local Muslims, too, will likely turn to social media instead of gathering together to pray.

“We’ll have Zoom classes where people can get together and pray and study Koran,” said Anas Mangla of the Masjid Mahdi Mosque.

The biggest event of Ramadan is called Eid, and takes place the last day at sunset, when fasting ends.

“It’s equivalent to Christmas,” he said. “It’s when everybody gets together. This year, for the first time in our long history, we will most likely not be able to do that.”

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  1. I think there is a blessing from God after Covid-19 is defeated. The style of human’s life is changing now— it is bot naccessary to worship God in Misque, Hajji,, Churches and others

    From home we can worship God and listen the preecher through Smartphone—People can buy things from smart phone too— The SMARTPHONE CAN DO ANYTHING NOW.

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