Ramadan Is Coming; Muslims Advised to Perform Tarawih at Home

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Translator: Non Koresponden
Editor: Laila Afifa
4 April 2020


Nahdlatul Ulama Central Board (PBNU) chair KH Said Aqil Siroj speaks during the NU national meeting and grand conference at Pondok Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) Miftahul Huda Al-Azhar Citangkolo, Banjar, West Java, February 27, 2019. TEMPO/M Taufan Rengganis

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chief of an Islamic organization (LPOI), Said Aqil Siroj, calls on the Muslim community to continue perform their prayers at home during the fasting month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr holiday.

“I call on the Muslims to perform Friday, Tarawih, and this year’s Eid al-Fitr Prayers at home,” Siroj said in a video conference on Saturday, April 4, adding that the Muslims shouldn’t take to the street to celebrate Eid eve (malam takbiran) in order to suppress the spread of Covid-19 transmission.

He also asked non-Muslim communities to take their prayers at home for the same reason.

In addition, Said Aqil asked the public to not leave for their hometowns, or mudik, during Eid holidays. “We support the government’s policy of providing incentives for the people who won’t go for Eid exodus,”

He explains that taking care of your self and the safety of others is God’s command. Therefore, Said Aqil asks the people to stay at home and implement physical distancing to prevent the novel coronavirus transmission.

“Allah not only commands us to perform salah (prayers), but he also orders us to keep each others’ safety and health. ‘La Darar Wa La Dirar’ one must not harm himself or bring harm to others,” said the chairman of PBNU, quoting one of the hadiths of Prophet Mohammad.

Ahmad Faiz Ibnu Sani


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