Planning Principle of Allah: Quran



Planning a principle of Allah: Holy Quran

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 Not a manual of task or a “How to do book?”, the Holy Quran has fundamentals we need pertaining to science and secular knowledge to carry out many functions important for our living.

In His presentation, Allah employs, the “show and tell” approach to teach Muslims and indeed the whole mankind the way of successful living.   The show and tell is central to MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree at leading universities in USA.  And you pay a fortune to obtain an MFA degree in desperate effort to getting a high paying  job with prime media outlets. (Many don’t even meet the benchmark or acquire the skills).

Having set the tone of  His creation, Allah draws our attention to His “artwork” the heaven and earth . He inspires us to reflect and see the huge skies suspended over heads without pillars. He draws our attention to the Sun and the moon, the arts  and the whole cosmos.

Then he challenges us to travel around the world to examine the whole world. This he says to the nomads of the deserts of Arab who had barely out of their small locales.

All this and lot of otter secretes not known to man were part of His design for the benefit of mankind, as He admonishes in the Holy Quran.

In a situation where people who revolt, Allah says: They plan, and We plan too,: and We are the best of planners.”

In designing anything we desire to achieve, planning is central. Must.

Hence, the principle of planning is central all other functions of management which the natural result of one single rule of management.

If we master this one single principle,  you will be among the best of the planners.


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