” I am Kishan for Hindus”:Facebook post

“I am Kishan for Hindus”: Facebook post By Dr H. KoyaLOGO MUSLIM NEWS

This relates to our timeline:

Hindu faith: “Kalyug” (tomorrow or future)

Kal is interpreted as time of machinery (technology).

Expected Avtar as Kishan Ji

Christianity: latter days- nation will rise against nation

The time marked for second coming of Christ or Messiah

Islam:  (Yo Mul Qayamah) end of time.

Advent of Isa son Mary. Muslims were told men will have progressed and advanced  so far into the future beyond skies (space) as if they would “skin the skies.”

When we put all these together, we converge upon one timeline, that is, this 20th century. The age of manifest progress and advancement.

There two essential scenarios:

(1)    Three different  personalities: Kishan Ji for Hindus, Messiah for Christians/Jews and Isa for Muslims.

(2)    One person representing all humanity as one for One God and one world.


The Imam Mahdi with his five Khalifas …

It is common sense answer as well as the relentless call for unity among mankind that only one leader appointed by God (not self-made) is necessary for the need of the hour.

Only person came forward and told the entire world he has been appointed by God for guidance of all. The time has come but no one from other quarters appeared.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the one singular person who said he been sent by God as KISHAN J for Hindu faith, Messiah for the Christian/Jewish faith and Isa for the Muslim faith.  One person from One God for one mankind to come together and praise and worship One God.

Message of peace with LOVE FOR ALL AND HATRED FOR NONE.

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