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We have been following Dr. Zia Shah’s online publication The Muslim Times for a few years now. We are extremely delighted and thank for the enormous amount of work and services TMT is proving to keep us abreast with what is happening both in the Islamic and the contemporary world.


As this pandemic has take the whole world by surprise and spreading by leaps and and bounds, people are questioning the existence of God out of desperation.

Here’s our response we would like to share:

Can prayers answer  the pandemic ?

First, I wish to express my grateful thanks to Dr. Craig for his brilliant opinion prefaced in the  splendid  exhortations of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and the of God be on him)

Second, I wish to respond to the allegation against our Imam Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that is most in appropriate and baseless.

In the physical world we have the Sun and the moon which borrows its light from the Sun. It does not have light of its own.

In the spiritual world there the Sun is called SHEERUM MUNERA in the Holy Quran. Metaphorically, therefore, there must be a moon. The moon here borrows its light from the SHEERAM MUNEERA at various phases till it comes into full glory on the 14th night.

This is the 14th century of Islam. Therefore, the Imam of this century must shine like the 14th moon with the light of his master the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

The moon is the Zill (a reflective ) of the sun, our Imam explained in his many books.

In his narratives the Holy Prophet Muhammad likened the saintly of his Ummah  to the prophets of Bani Israel  many of whom were just village prophets without a law.

In the Quran, those who obey and follow the  Holy Prophet and Allah are promised status of prophets, righteous,  shahids and the truthful . Our Imam Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad belongs to this category of believers.

In his opinion, published in Foxnews.com and New York Times.com, James Martin, raises the question “Where is God in a pandemic?”

It is not his question, nor does he attempt to answer it. It is a question that others have asked  him struck by the fear of the current coronavirus epidemic sweeping through the world.

An unknown virus out of blues has brought the entire world to a halt. (There has been some finger pointing between USA and China as to who started this pandemic?) There is widescale travel ban. Schools, colleges, universities, businesses, houses of worship and all places men resorted for luxury and enjoyment are shut down. Freeways, malls and sports arenas are deserted.

The coronavirus is deadly and spreading perhaps with the speed of light. Nothing is there to prevent it. No means of treatment is in sight to give hope of a safe living. Thousands have fallen victims around the world.  The hospitals do not have beds and resources to handle the intake. There is quarantine everywhere. People are compelled to stay indoors. The whole atmosphere is ridden with despair and panic.

Medical experts predict millions will die as they struggle for a solution. A vaccine may take months, even years to make.

Why God? And what He has to do with the pandemic?

James Martin is a priest. So, the question he faces comes primarily from he is faith-based community he is familiar with.

It shows people of faith are questioning the existence of God they have always been told is living and is present and answers their prayers. It is marked with desperation, doubt and uncertainty. It is devastating for them.

Men have advanced too far in quest of knowledge, new technologies and accumulation of wealth and power. In the process their sense of judgment and ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from false and to judge with justice have become severely questionable.

Yet, man assumes total control and authority when he creates or manufactures anything. What he creates, is backed  with a warranty, ownership and compliance. In the event of a violation, his rights prevail, and he is the supreme and final authority.

This begs the questions: Who created the heaven and the earth, the world and the whole cosmos?  What’s His authority and power?  What’s the accountability, if any?  Does He have power over adversities? Why doesn’t He help?

These and many endless questions plague the minds of people confronted with the present pandemic.

Man’s measure of success the Stock Market takes a brutal beating with crazy ups and downs as if the future is at the brink of destruction. The USA Federal Government is forced to reduce the interest rate to zero as more radical adjustments to mortgage and business financing are under serious consideration.

Over 1400 years ago in the hours of darkness and to the nomads of the deserts a book is revealed. It is not a time of literacy. No major books of enlightenment in the contemporary world. No libraries and no learned as there are no universities or educational institution.

The man who claims to have received the book is himself an illiterate raised as an orphan.

At a time when the human race has barely made any significant advance, the book speaks of things unimagined of a future far away.

It begins with the assurance: “He has taught men with pen,” when pen, writing and publishing were meager. This was a declaration of future of man who would take to pen and publishing for its his progress and survival.  A new era of research, science, technology would begin and depend on pen.

The claim is backed with intricate evidence of scientific, moral, spiritual, legal and civil principles unheard of before as fundamentals essential for man in an advance society.

The book exhorted man to “travel around the world” and discover how previous mighty nations were smitten and destroyed. This at a time when man rides donkeys, camels and horses as prime means of  traveling.

It taught the nomads to reflect on the creation of earth, the skies, the sun, the moon and the entire cosmos when astrology was in its embryonic stage.

In the alternation of days and nights, the book educated them that Sun rotated on its orbit.

It drew their attention to examine the skies so wide and huge suspended in the space without pillars. A compelling reason to explore what’s beyond the skies.

Speaking of man’s origin, it is singular in explaining how from a drop sperm it is fashioned stage by stage in a mother’s womb into fetus and then as a human, “capable of born alive.”

The revelation of this scientific principle alone makes the book unique, unequaled and far too superior to man’s intellect. It is mind blowing.

Muhammad the recipient of the book, given his upbringing, could not have written such of advance knowledge and wisdom.

So, where this book of wisdom and comprehensive guidance came from?

If the book is powerful and packed with  advance knowledge for man’s existence, what about its author?

The book provides the answer: “ I am Allah, the All- knowing, the Mighty, the Wise.”

The book, ignored by a large majority of people, is called Al Quran the Holy Book of Islam where in are the answers and solutions for world problems.

The author of the Holy Book is the ultimate authority for He is the Creator (the manufacturer) with His terms and conditions. Mankind is His clientele. How dare we go to a dealership and buy our dream vehicle and refuse to sign and accept the Sales documents? We will be told to get out of here.

The Holy Quran lays down only one principle of the Supreme Creator: acknowledge and affirm that He is our sole Creator without partner and worship Him only.

A disregard to this fundamental has severe consequences and complies attracts immense benefits and blessings we cannot live without.

Continuing the  traditions of prayers and worship of God, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community plays a key role in guiding, inviting and training the entire humanity to connect with their creator God the All knowing and Almighty to lead a clean and pious life and stay safe.

The path of righteousness promised in the Holy Quran and is full of promises of rewards and divine help when humanity stands at the brink of destruction. There is hope here for refuge, safety and deliverance from calamities awaiting to take down the mankind for their negligence. Only those who will turn to God shall find the refuge.


God is at doorstep of his elected one he raised at the beginning of this century restore belief and trust in Him. Will man turn towards him?

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