’42 Knees in One Day’: Israeli Snipers Open Up About Shooting Gaza Protesters

Over 200 Palestinians were killed and nearly 8,000 were injured during almost two years of weekly protests at the Israel-Gaza border. Israeli army snipers tell their stories

I know exactly how many knees I’ve hit, says Eden, who completed his service in the Israel Defense Forces as a sniper in its Golani infantry brigade six months ago. For much of the time, he was stationed along the border with the Gaza Strip. His assignment: to repel Palestinian demonstrators who approached the fence.

“I kept the casing of every round I fired,” he says. “I have them in my room. So I don’t have to make an estimate – I know: 52 definite hits.”

But there are also “non-definite” hits, right?

“There were incidents when the bullet didn’t stop and also hit the knee of someone behind [the one I aimed at]. Those are mistakes that happen.”

Is 52 a lot?

“I haven’t really thought about it. It’s not hundreds of liquidations like in the movie ‘American Sniper’: We’re talking about knees. I’m not making light of it, I shot a human being, but still ..

source:      HAARETZ ISRAEL

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  1. The bad people who order children to go there.
    Who ordered children? May be their parent or their scholars.
    Maybe their scholars say to them: if you die there you will go to Heaven. So they are not afraid of get killed—if they are afraid of death, they would not go there . For sure.

    That way I see that conflict between Hamas and Israel.

    • and not a word of condemnation for the snipers and their bosses … shame, I would say. Yes, you can blame the parents, but the other side too.

    • Actually I think not only the children should go to the border. I think ALL 3 – 4 million Palestinians should at the same time walk to their old homes. Just my personal thoughts. Yes, we should not only send the children to the border to protest.

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