‘Bloody Sunday’ Commemoration Draws Democratic Candidates to Selma

Joe biden in Selma

Credit…Brittainy Newman/The New York Times.  The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute racism

Source: The New York Times


Five of the remaining presidential hopefuls were scheduled to march across the Alabama bridge where civil rights protesters were brutally attacked 55 years ago.

SELMA, Ala. — Presidential candidates and prominent social justice activists descended on Alabama on Sunday to commemorate the anniversary of the brutal attack on civil rights marchers here in 1965, one of the most violent episodes in the struggle for black participation in democracy.

A who’s who of political figures, including five Democratic presidential candidates, were marking the occasion, nearly 55 years after the day that became known as Bloody Sunday. The day before the ceremonies, South Carolina’s heavily black electorate shook up the Democratic race and handed former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. a decisive victory in the state’s primary.

With several other Southern states set to vote this week on Super Tuesday, including Alabama, Mr. Biden’s rivals are looking to cut into his apparent advantages with black voters, who may give him an inside track to delegates in key states.

But instead of using the commemoration as a place to jockey for black support, the candidates were tailoring their remarks to steer clear of electoral politics and match the event’s tone of somber remembrance.

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selma and obama

A crowd of some 40,000 people watched as Mr Obama and his family led a symbolic walk across part of the bridge, accompanied by those who had made the march in 1965.  This was during his Presidency

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