Brand New Exhibition – Jesus In India


Ahmad Nooruddeen Jahangheer Khan

29th July 2019

One of the most controversial subjects among academics, theologians and historians is the fate of Jesus(as), son of Mary. There are varying interpretations of exactly what happened to Jesus(as) after the crucifixion.

Through his book ‘Jesus in India’, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as), the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi followed a biblical narrative to illustrate how God planned to save Jesus(as) from an ignoble death on the cross and through the use of historical documents, he was able to discover a probable route that Jesus(as) may have taken. The Promised Messiah(as) narrates how Jesus(as) travelled across many lands in search of the lost tribes of Israel after the crucifixion.

With over 38,000 people attending the Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK last year, dignitaries, guests and members of the Community had the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the famous Shroud of Turin Exhibition, Islam in the East and the unique Al-Qalam Project. This year, in addition to the running Al-Qalam Project and Shroud of Turin exhibition, alongside the new ‘In Search of the Creator – Through the eyes of the Craftsman‘ we shall be holding the ‘Jesus in India‘ exhibition for you to experience the journey of Jesus(as) from the time he prophesied the sign of Jonah(as) to his eventual burial in Kashmir. Likewise, there will be visual elements and artefacts on display; some dating back 100s of years, for the attendees to enjoy.

Having reappeared after the crucifixion the world is still debating what happened to Jesus(as).

What evidence is there to back such a theory that Jesus(as) survived the crucifixion and travelled all the way to Kashmir? Find out by joining us this year August 2-4 at the The Review of Religions ‘Jesus in India’ exhibition!

For information on the exhibition please visit
About the Author: Ahmad Nooruddeen Jahangheer Khan is an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and serves as the Deputy Editor of the Christianity Section of The Review of Religions.
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11 replies

  1. Ahmadiyyah live in Christian countries like US and Eutope—Christian countries welcame Ahmadiyah from Pakistan. Why? Because the extremist Muslim expelled and persecuted ahmadiyyah badly—Christians saved Ahmadiyyah from persecution and death—Christians people very kind and lovely human being—-

    Unfortunately, Ahmadiyyah has been trying to attack Christianity faith—they should not do that-/ they should thankful to Christian who saved and welcame them.

    So I would like to advise TMT Not to try attacking Christians faith or belief that Jesus was died on the cross. That is it.

    With love ❤️

    • We are not ‘attacking’ the Christian faith. We are just pointing out what is ‘out of date’ and ‘not correct’. When we mention the sexual abuse of the church guys are we attacking Christianity. Of course not. Christianity does not approve of that either. But Somi is blind in his love for the Christians …

      • Christuans believe that Jesus died on the cross— but Ahmadiyyah say different— it means Ahmadiyyah attack Christian faith— you do not understand that—

        If I criticize Ahmadiyyah faith you are angry and you delate my comment.

      • aha. we should all agree with Somi. Yes, of course, in that case all Muslims and indeed all non-Christians attack Christianity. Get used to it please, we will never stop telling you the truth: JESUS DIED IN INDIA

      • You should get ready to recieve retaliate from Christians—Rafiq.

        Youe enemy is not only Islamic radical intoleran— also Christian—Christian never attack Ahmadiyyah publicly, oppositely Christian love Ahmadiyyah❤️

      • actually we experience different things than Somi is expecting. In a way in many cases / places we ‘bond’ with Christians because against the rising Atheism at least both of us, Christian and Muslim, belief in God and mostly agree that we believe in the one and only Creator of all the Universe.

      • On one hand you bond with christian and other hand you attack Christian faith— it is not wise and not good behaviour at all— you welcome to live in their home but you attack them —you say I have to tell the truth—it is not showing thankful to them. You hate their faith—it is not acceptable behaviour. Rafiq🙏

  2. Radiq, or Zia— instead of attacking Christians faith why you do not attack the radical Islamic scholars like Iran, KSA, Hamas, Taliban, and Isis. They are your true enemy who ban and persecute Ahmadiyah. Am I wrong?

    Christian never persecute ahmadiyah and never condemn ahmadiyah, but they welcame you kindly,

    Please do not delete this comment

  3. Christianity and the Muslim religion are almost the same thoughts. Actually the base of Muslim theology itself is Christianity.

    • The base of Muslim theology is the Qur’an – the direct revelation from the Creator of all the worlds. Christianity had the same source and that is why the similarities.

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