‘This would be a top news story if the shooter was Muslim’

Source: Al Jazeera

After massacre at shisha bars in Germany, critics decry media double standard in covering attacks by far-right suspects.

A deadly shooting in the German city of Hanau on Wednesday by a far-right gunman has sent shock waves around the world.

At least nine people were killed in two attacks targeting customers at shisha bars, many of whom had migrant backgrounds.

The suspect, identified as Tobias R, a 43-year-old white male, was found dead at his apartment along with his mother, according to officials.

Germany’s federal prosecutor said the suspected perpetrator’s 24-page manifesto and video messages pointed to “deeply racist views”.

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3 replies

  1. Absolutely true. When others commit something wrong it seems to be insignificant or ignored. People must realise that there are bad people in every religion and every society and they must not ascribed to a certain religion.

  2. I did not know how to reach out to you.
    I know an Israeli whose parents were killed by a “terrorist” 40 some odd years ago.
    He would be willing to do an interview/article exclusive on …
    ” From a terrorist victim to a Peace activist”
    Please let me know.

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