Germany’s Muslims call for protection after ‘far-right terror plot’ arrests

Call comes after arrest of 12 men believed to have been plotting attacks on mosques

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Mon 17 Feb 2020


One of the 12 men suspected of involvement in a far-right group is escorted by police. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

Muslim communities in Germany have called for more police protection after the arrest of members of a rightwing extremist group that is believed to have been plotting large-scale attacks on mosques around the country.

Twelve men who were arrested following police raids on Friday had been planning attacks using semi-automatic weapons on worshippers during prayers in 10 German states, said to have been inspired by those carried out in New Zealand last year, according to a government spokesman.

Investigators had been following the men for months, monitoring their conversations and online activity, after suspecting them of having formed a terror group.

They eavesdropped on a meeting in North Rhine-Westphalia earlier this month in which the alleged ringleader, 53-year-old Werner S, outlined the group’s concrete plans for “commandos” to attack Muslims in small communities across the country. Two of the men were elected to acquire weapons, and all members were expected to contribute towards a €50,000 (£42,000) fund to finance the operation.

German prosecutors spoke of the planned attacks as “mosque massacres” inspired by the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in spring 2019, in which 51 people were killed by a gunman.

According to the men’s discussions, the attacks were intended to provoke revenge attacks and to evolve into a civil war, authorities said. Four of the arrested men are being treated as suspected terrorists, eight as accomplices, including an administrative police clerk.

The plot came to light after a police informer managed to infiltrate the group.

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9 replies

  1. After 9/11 -2001, the world is getting worse and worse—I blame Al Qaida who killed 3000 innocent people NWTower—in the name of Islam—kelling innocent people continue every where— millions people are sufering and got killed—

    KSA kill thousand Yamen Muslim
    Turkey kill thousand Kurdis and Syria Muslim
    Pakistan Muslim persecute Ahmadiyah Muslim
    Two groups of Muslim in Libya killing each other-
    Very sad indeen— what is wrong with Islam to day?

    • and many, including Americans, do not believe that Al Qaeeda, out of a cave in Afghanistan, was able to execute such a ‘brilliant’ logistical operation like 9/11. Will the truth ever be documented? (Tower Nr. 7, collapsed in sympathy with the loss of his two big brothers?)

      • you are entitled to your belief no doubt. You are having Al Qaida in higher esteem than Muslims do. At the time I used to ask various people ‘what was your first thought’. Many Muslims answered ‘it could not have been us. We are not that clever’. While one senior American colleague said ‘It could have been us. I have been to Central America and have seen what the CIA is capable of and therefore I say ‘it could have been us’. Anyway, politics like religion: to yuou your belief and to me mine’.

      • Most Muslim are trying to hide thier shame and every thing bad is not Islam or Muslim—my qurstion to you: who has been persecuting Ahmadiyah since 100 years ago?
        Is that Mossad, or CIA ?

  2. Why do you not answer questions posed but come up with rhetorical nonsensical questions?
    You could answer by saying that Islam has nothing to do with these murderous events but that ideology divorced from religion commit these acts. Ideology and tyrants in pursuit of political agendas cause these barbaric acts.Islam has nothing to do with barbarism you could say but you answer his question by trying to displace heinous acts on others.

    I would fire you or I would just disband your comments section.

    • May be you are not a long term reader of The Muslim Times. Welcome anyway. Why I am saying that because we have always distanced ourselves from murderous acts. The ones who know us know we are ‘the peaceful ones’. That is why also I do not think I need to always at every step distance myself from terror acts, as they have absolutely nothing to do with you. Just like all white men do not need to distance themselves from all stupid acts of other white men.

  3. Yes of course we have many times condemned the Saudi killing of Yemenis, equally why do Turks not try to be on good terms with their Kurds? In Libya the fighting is clearly organized by outsiders. (remember: I was there at the time of Ghaddafi’s killing and have seen it all first hand), which does not mean that the locals are not stupid to get involved in killing each other. Yes, we members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at belief that as long as the Muslims do not listen to the rightly guided Khalifa of this time they are bound to keep fighting each other uselessly.

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