Israel bans Palestinian agricultural exports via Jordan


A worker operates a forklift at a wholesale vegetable and fruit market in the West Bank village of Beita, near Nablus. (File photo: Reuters)

Reuters, Ramallah
Saturday, 8 February 2020
Israel has escalated a trade war with the Palestinians by stopping their agricultural exports through Jordan, Palestinian Agriculture Minister Riyad al-Attari said on Saturday.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) opened a new front in their decades-long conflict with a trade dispute that began in October and has escalated over the past week.

“Yesterday, the director of Israeli crossings informed all exporters and all relevant parties that all Palestinian agriculture products would be banned from export to world markets through the Jordanian crossing starting Sunday,” al-Attari told Voice of Palestine Radio.

Israeli and Jordanian officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In October, the PA announced a boycott of Israeli calves.

Last weekend Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said he would halt all PA agricultural imports, which in turn prompted the PA to say it would end imports of Israeli agricultural products, fruit juice and bottled water.

Those moves have frayed trade links that have generally held strong since the two sides signed interim peace accords in the 1990s, even weathering the collapse in 2014 of peace talks.

Bilateral tensions have been further fueled by the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan which has prompted a string of violent incidents in Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

The actions of the PA, whose power base is in the West Bank, in part reflect greater efforts to end what its leaders – including new Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh – see as an over-dependence on Israeli markets.

“We are at a critical political moment and we completely understand the negative impact that will result from these measures, but I say with all confidence that that negative impact will also affect the Israeli economy,” said al-Attari. “We have several options and measures with which we can respond to each Israeli decision that aims to harm our national economy,” he added.


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14 replies

  1. With the new plan of two-state-solution, with so-called Palestine surrounded by Israel controlling all its ‘outlets’ (cannot call it frontiers really) this would be happening all the time. IMPOSSIBLE

  2. Tribs and religions are divided the pluralistic society—love, tolerance, or Human Right is the only way to live in peace as human being—we are all human— we should love each other instead of hate each other. Right? TMT reader—

    Rafiq and I still have dispute about my comment, he hate so much my comment if I criticize Ahmadiyyah faith and others. Hatred is really created conflict among Jews and Palistine Muslim— pray to them 🙏

  3. Jews are chosen people from God—and God teach Jews as follow:
    Love God with all your heart, your mind and your soul — love your neighbor as you love your self—

    Jews love Ahmadiyyah Muslim—Ahmadiyyah has freedom to worship God— Jews treat Ahmadiyyah as they treat Jews—

    Why Jews do not treat Palestine Muslim and Hamas as same as Ahmadiyyah?

    Because Pelestine and Hamas Muslim want to expek Jews to the SEA— that is their goal to fight Jews—

    From my view Jews are good people .
    Rafiq hate Jews and LOVE Palestine Muslim.

    Rafiq is the wrong side

    • The Jews as ‘chosen people’ ended when Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be on him) brought the universal message to the whole world. You are clinging to history.

      • Rafiq— you better be careful — no one can abrogate God’s law— if God said in Bible and Al Quran that Jews are the best people among other races—- most prophets were Jews—

        God has proven that Jews are stronger than Arab Muslim in the all field of life—economy, technology, prosperity, army etc — you cannot deny what God has said— Those who deny are ignorance or stupid—
        The Race of Jews are created by God are the best human being .

      • yes, the Jews seem to be stronger in everything, except in compassion and love. They could have ‘imposed’ peace a long time ago. Instead they chose Apartheid and hate. Best human beings? I suppose you are joking and being sarcastic.

      • I purposely say ‘Israel’ and not ‘Jews’, because the war crimes are committed as Israelis and not as Jews.

    • No. We dislike the Human Rights violations that Israelis commit as Israelis, not as Jews. I told you if I was younger and richer I would marry a Jewess just to show you that I have nothing against them.

      • What is wrong with me? Yes, your ‘tone’ is not pleasant really, nor diplomatic. stubborn in a way. You cannot understand any explanations, just stick to your old opinion. But do not worry, this is actually sort of 99 percent of the people. Me too, I seem to stick to my opinion, no matter what you explain. I see a difference between a political Israeli and a Jew as a religious person. You do not see it. Ah well…

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