Instead of letting one candidate lose at the Iowa caucus, the entire Democratic Party decided to lose instead

The caucus which was supposed to be so important for the 2020 election turned into a weird Kafka play on caffeine

Massachusetts senator says vote has shown ‘Americans have a hunger for big structural change’ ( Getty )

Holly Baxter
New York

Massachusetts senator says vote has shown ‘Americans have a hunger for big structural change’ ( Getty )

It was like watching six very different, very similar parallel universes. After a shambolic process by the Democratic Party — yes, even more shambolic than how a caucus is supposed to go — candidates started coming out onstage and reading identical victory speeches in the absence of any actual results. One of the caucus precinct captains who was supposed to report results from his area to the party was left on hold for an hour then, while talking live to CNN, was overtaken by excitement when the operator finally picked up; seconds later, he was accidentally hung up on. Donald Trump’s spokespeople, currently tasked with defending the president against allegations that he tried to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, started drumming up rumors that Democrats had rigged their own process. You couldn’t make it up, and if you did, everyone would hate you.

So Amy Klobuchar came up onstage first, taking advantage of the fact that the TV cameras of the nation had nothing to point at. It was 10.15pm in Iowa and she delivered an energetic, passionate speech about beating a president who “should have a sign on his desk saying ‘The buck stops anywhere but here’” and her own personal achievements winning elections in “the reddest of the red” and “the bluest of the blue” places. You had to admire her chutzpah. Why not take the reigns, after all, while everyone else ran around like headless chickens? She had been supposed to sink after Iowa but all of a sudden, Klobuchar came out looking like the only Democrat who was getting something done.

Then came Biden, led by his wife Jill. “We’re in this for the long haul,” he said. “On to New Hampshire!”, “Everything that makes America, America is at stake!”, “God bless our troops!” It was classic, middle-of-the-road Uncle Joe.

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  1. When will the USA realize that elections could be held in one weekend rather than from January to November ? The whole world, including USA, is actually fed up with this long drawn out concept.

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