There’s nothing pro-Israel about Trump’s peace plan

This annexationist, messianic plan may serve Netanyahu’s political interests, but it does not serve any of Israel’s

Maya Ilany
29th January 2020



Yesterday US President Donald Trump, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, unveiled his “deal of the century” for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Indeed, conservative commentators were in agreement that this is the best deal Israel could have ever hoped for.

The deal – which wasn’t negotiated with Palestinian leaders, and was announced without a single Palestinian present – greenlights Israeli annexation of around a third of the West Bank, leaving the Palestinians with a set of isolated islands in a sea of Israeli territory.

Trump’s plan does not offer a roadmap to peace. Instead, it is a convenient distraction for an American president facing impeachment, and an Israeli prime minister facing serious corruption charges. But that is not in itself reason oppose it; the deal should be assessed on its own merits.


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