For Palestinians, Trump’s is not a peace plan – it is a green light to permanent occupation

Recent leaks point to an agreement which the Palestinians – if they have any interest in having a proper functioning sovereign state – cannot accept

Bel Trew
28th January 2020

It is telling that Donald Trump chose to invite two Israeli politicians and no Palestinians to Washington for the launch of his peace plan to tackle the decades-old conflict.
Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz – both vying for Israel’s premiership in elections due in a few weeks – are to fly out this weekend for separate discussions with the US president on what has been dubbed the “deal of the century”.

Back home, the Palestinian leadership, which cut contact with Washington years ago and has long said the US cannot be an honest broker, allegedly found out about the plan from Israeli media.


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  1. Not only the Palestinians but all the world should reject that Israel should be accepted as a Jewish State. What does it mean? Master race and slave race. Is that possible to accept in the 21st century? South African Apartheid has ended and we thought we are done with that kind of thing. Seems not.

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