WATCH LIVE | Impeachment trial of President Trump continues in Senate

First two and half hours of Congressman Adam Schiff’s very articulate presentation.


Adam Schiff who has not been scared of President Trump’s vindictive prowess

Source: Politico

Read House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff’s opening argument at President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial below. You can also read the latest updates and analysis of the second day of the trial, and watch the trial live here.

Mr. Chief Justice, Senators, counsel for the President, and my fellow House managers:

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  1. No thanks. As for me I find the whole thing boring. Impeachment for a phone call? And no impeachment for the how many tens of thousands of lies? how many ordered assassinations? (goes for previous presidents too). And most likely the senate will kick out the impeachment. So all the cost and botherations for nothing? Anyway, this is just my personal view. Of course others may have a different approach.

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