10 million Bangladeshi Muslims to be ousted from India

Source: The News

Indian Hindu hardline party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s West Bengal unit chief Dilip Ghosh said on Sunday that the government is committed to implementing the proposed nationwide National Register of India and will send back 1 crore (10 million) Bangladeshi Muslims living in the state illegally.

Addressing a rally in the North 24 Parganas district of Barasat, Ghosh said that those opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are anti-Bengali and against the idea of India. He said 1 crore illegal Muslims in the state are “thriving” on the government’s Rs2 per kg subsidised rice. “We will send them back,” he announced.

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11 replies

  1. Very sad indeed. What ever bad thing fall into us, a wise man always look at himself, but stupid one always blame other—

    The problem with Muslim is they want to implement Islamic law in public place—and scare people .
    This is my thought

    • except that your thought has nothing to do with this actual case of Bangladeshi migrants to India. These are the poor of the poor who just want to find something to eat for the next meal and have no luxury of dreaming about Islamic Law or any other law (except the law of nature)…

    • Actually, just by being there, even poor people create jobs. They all need to eat, therefore they consume.

      • It is complicated. Most of them have been in India so long that the majority of the young are born there and have no more any roots or connections in Bangladesh.

      • may be some of these ‘settlers’ even date back to the time of British India, when the region was one state.

      • When Muslim Community is getting strong they want to implement Syariah law in public, like Jilbab, burqa. Bank Syariah, Islamic school, restaurant halal, grocery halal, food halal etc

        That kind behavior should be changed.

      • No one forces you to eat in a halal restaurant. No one forces you to put your money into an Islamic Bank. And (mostly) no one forces the ladies to put on hijab (I am against force in this also). Therefore do not ‘over do’ your complaints.

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