‘The root of priestly sin’: Kenyan Catholics rebel against celibacy

Source: Independent


‘No one in the Vatican understands the African soul… that for the African man, priest or not, the worst sin is to leave this world without siring a child’

Priests in Kenya are doing away with the Catholic vow of celibacy and the “culture of secrecy” it creates ( Andrew Renneisen/The Washington Post )

He was a priest just out of seminary. She was a nurse. They were both from the slopes of Mount Kenya, but their paths improbably crossed in Rome.
He became unshakable in his desire to marry her, even though he had taken the Catholic church’s mandatory vow of celibacy for priests.

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  1. I heard and read such stories from The Phillipines and also from South American countries, both now and in the past (in the past in Europe too).

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