If Iran really wants to honour the 176 passengers its forces killed, it will de-escalate its campaign of revenge now


It can’t bring back the innocent people who were caught up in this recklessness. But one thing is clear, continuing to fight will contradict any expression of remorse

Borzou Daragahi

January 12, 2020 – independent.co.uk

Only two days before he admitted it was indeed forces under his command that launched the missiles that downed Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 and killed all 176 passengers and crew, Ali Hajizadeh, the shamed commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace division, struck a rather different tone.

There he was on television on Thursday, the flags of Iran’s various Arab and South Asian proxy militias behind him, boasting about how such armed groups would take up the campaign of confronting America and its allies in the Middle East following the ballistic missile attacks that struck two United States bases in Iraq. “Future acts should be carried out by the resistance groups in the region, he said.

On Saturday, Hajizadeh was quite a bit more subdued. “I wished I was dead. If only I had died,” he said.

INVESTIGATIONS are continueing about the cause of the crash.

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