I watched the Iran-Iraq war unfold as a child – now I feel like I’m reliving it


What is happening in Iran now is not simply ‘news’ for us in the diaspora – it’s the repetition of decades-old trauma

Shappi Khorsandi

January 11th, 2019    INDEPENDENT.CO.UK

As children in the Seventies and Eighties, our playtimes or our scrapping were frequently disrupted by a cry from our parents: “Children! Shhhhh! Iran’s on the news IRAN IS ON THE NEWS” – and we would hush and skid into the living room to watch. Our parents were glued to the screen, barely blinking, not wanting to miss a single second of the all-too-brief glimpses of what was going on in their country.

Back then, English was still a new language to them, and us children were called on to translate parts of the report they were unable to understand.

Back in the late Seventies, when we first came to England, the only access my parents had to Iran was these reports on the television. The fighting, mass demonstrations and chants of “marg bar Amrica!” (death to America!) were featured daily in the news.

read more here:   and Video report

Iraqi militiamen march and chant anti US slogans while carrying a picture of Soleimani, left and Muhandis. Photograph: Nasser Nasser/AP



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