Violence is wrong – but does it really matter that the Pope slapped that woman’s hand away?

Source: Letters to the Indepenent

An 83-year-old man gets his arm grabbed causing obvious pain, and as the person won’t let go, he slaps her hand twice, for which he later apologises. This shouldn’t be a worldwide story. Although, as he is the Pope, and by extension, a leader and role model for so many people, the act of hitting someone, however lightly, took on a new meaning.

The message as reinforced by the Pope following reports of the incident, is that you shouldn’t hit women (although in reality, you shouldn’t hit anyone – even in self-defence – if it can be avoided). A couple of slaps on the hand won’t cause too much harm, but we see so much violence in the world that anything like it diminishes us as humans.

There should be no violence anywhere and I am sure that this is the subject of many prayers. Although, if we are to stop it from happening, divine intervention may be needed. No one, not even the Pope, evidently, seems to have a solution. Let’s pray for a better world. But more importantly, let’s put those thoughts into personal action every day.

Dennis Fitzgerald


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    The REAL grabber/yanker/turner was the CAUCASIAN with reddish blonde hair and aqua cell phone next to the Asian woman. This individual guided the Pope’s hand directly into that of the wrongly derided Asian woman and the entire world now trashing her.

    WATCH the video…and this still shows that person still has claws dug deep in the Pope’s wrist at a pressure point, even as the poor Asian woman makes her desperate plea.

    If you have world media contacts, please try to right this horrible wrong done to this woman

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