Baghdad Eyes ‘Review,’ Iran-Backed Militia Pledges Revenge After U.S. Air Strikes In Iraq, Syria

December 29, 2019


The headquarters of the Kataib Hizballah militia group is seen after an air strike in Qaim, Iraq, on December 30.

An Iranian-backed militia has vowed revenge for U.S. military strikes in Iraq and Syria that killed 25 militants.

The United States said on December 29 that it had conducted “precision defensive strikes” against five targets in Iraq and Syria controlled by the Kataib Hizballah, also known as the Kataib Brigades.

The caretaker Iraqi government in power since Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation, meanwhile, warned on December 30 it might “review” its relations with the United States.

“American forces acted on their political priorities, not those of the Iraqis,” AFP quoted the government as saying in a statement.

An unnamed senior official at the U.S. State Department said later of Iraqi authorities that it was “their responsibility and duty to protect us. And they have not taken the appropriate steps to do so,” according to AFP.

“We have warned the Iraqi government many times, and we’ve shared information with them to try to work with them to carry out their responsibility to protect us as their invited guests,” the agency said the official told reporters in Washington.

The Pentagon said three of the locations it struck were in Iraq and two in Syria, and that the strikes were in response to repeated Kataib Hizballah attacks on Iraqi bases that house U.S. troops.

It singled out a December 27 rocket barrage in the northern city of Kirkuk that killed one defense contractor and injured four U.S. service members and two members of the Iraqi Security Forces.

Kataib Hizballah, which said on December 30 that 25 of its fighters were killed by the U.S. strikes, has denied being behind the attacks.


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    • No! Rafiq, King Saudi Arabia, abd Gulf states really want USA stay in Muddle East to protect Saudi Arabia.

      Saudi Arabia will be destroyed without US’s protection.
      Saudi really need US army there!

      With ❤️

      • Right, just to save their a. sorry, thrones. Saudi Arabia would be liberated not destroyed. Only the King and the Princes need the US protection. Are they worth protecting?

      • Finally you admit that Saudi and Gulf states really need the US protection.

        If not, do you know what will be happen ?
        Sunny and syah states will be destroyed each other and the world’s economy will be collaped due to the Oil’s price will be crazy you cannot imagine it.
        Yes, the US protection is very worth👍❤️

      • Sunni and Shiah did not have any problem in Iraq, before the US came. I personally know many ‘inter-married’ couples there who had no problems with the religion. The Shiahs of Iraq treated me very well, fully knowing that I was not a Shiah.

      • Yes, there is no problem Muslim Sunni and Shiah, there is no problem Muslim Ahmadiyaah and sunni individually—

        But politically both are enemy each other.

        If US leave Saudi and Gulf states Saudi and Iran will be destroyed each other forsure! Every expert knows it well.

      • Well, there are other thoughts and even there were some articles relating to this recently: Without US on the side of the Saudis they might even think to TALK to Iran. Well, let’s wait and see …

      • very worth for the Rulers, yes. Even ‘back home’ the US cares only for its one percent.

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