Muslim scholar Ghazali passed away 908 years ago

One of his titles Mujaddid means renewer of faith who appears once in century

Source: AA

By Ayse Busra Erkec

Muslims across the world will commemorate the 908th death anniversary of renowned Islamic scholar Ghazali on Thursday.

Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali, popularly known as Ghazali, was born in 1058 in eastern Iran and received his primary education there. Then, he headed to the cities of Jorjan and Nishapur to take lessons from al-Juvayni, a great scholar of his time and the imam of the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

After completing his education in Nishapur, he went to Baghdad upon the invitation of the famous vizier of Seljuk State, Nizam al-Mulk, who was a patron of science and literature.

Impressed by his wisdom and brilliance, the Seljuk vizier appointed him chief professor of Nezamiyah Colleges in Baghdad in 1091.

Nezamiyah Colleges were among the first well-organized institutions of higher education in the Muslim world.

Ghazali raised many renowned Islamic scholars such as Abu Mansur Mohammad, Mohammad bin Es’ad et-Tusi, Ebu’l-Hasan el-Belensi and Ebu Abdullah Cumert el-Huseyni. Ghazali was deeply respected by scientists, state heads and the people of his time.

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