Why a Deal with the Taliban May Be Inevitable

Source: Spiegel

Photo Gallery: A Cemetery for Everyone

It’s a clear, warm autumn morning, and hundreds have gathered to pay their last respects to Najmullah, the revered commander of the militia in the village of Warduj, who fell in the battle against the Taliban. It is said that Najmullah never showed fear, that he always encouraged his men and that he loved trees more than anything else.

With nine new graves having been added in the past two weeks alone, there aren’t many plots left. The land here along the river is valuable, and there isn’t much of it up here.

As the funeral procession turns into the cemetery, two groups of men come into view, hacking their way through the hardpacked soil, one pit on the left and another on the right. One is the grave for Commander Najmullah, while the other is reserved for the 16-year-old Taliban fighter Bahreddin, who died in the same battle the previous night. Only a handful of relatives have come to Bahreddin’s funeral, and they are eyed with suspicion by the militiamen. Nevertheless, the imam recites the funeral prayer for him as well.



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  1. After many years same old story why did the US and its allies went to Afghanistan?
    Wise are those who learn lessons from history. It is a peculiar area with special customs and traditions. Never ever any foreign power has succeeded in controlling the Afghans. Masses are not educated and happily live what ever is available to them. Those Afghans who are now settled abroad are now a different breed.  However the effort to change locals is a very very distant dream  unlikely to come true. Earlier every one leaves this area better for Afghans and the world.  Let Afghans to resolve their issues by themselves. However who will understand it is a million dollar question.

    • trillions of dollars spent means trillions of dollar earned by someone. The Afghans are really all just ‘collateral damage’, whether military or civilian. The main thing is to continue making money, by the arms industry and the military contractors industry and all that are connected. Of course practically all the money is spent ‘back home in the USA’.

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