Erdogan opens Europe’s first ‘eco-mosque’ in Cambridge

Erdogan and cat stevens

Erdogan opened the mosque in Cambridge alongside British Muslim singer Yusuf Islam [File: Yasin Bulbul/Turkish Presidential Press Service/AFP]  The Muslim Times has the best collection to overcome the sectarian divide among the Muslims

Source: Al Jazeera

Turkish government and singer Yusuf Islam among donors who developed mosque that relies on green energy.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has officially opened the Cambridge Central Mosque in the east of England.

Described as Europe’s first eco-mosque, the facility is equipped with solar panels, relies on green energy and aims for a zero-carbon footprint.

It first opened to the public in April.

“I think this place of worship will be the best answer to the rising anti-Islamism,” Erdogan said, according to Anadolu Agency.

“I believe this mosque, which has become the symbol of solidarity against discrimination from the first moment, will, God willing, continue to be the center of unity, conversation and peace in the future,” he added.

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  1. MaashaAllah. Building such Masjid is the best idea. Masjid is the only place where mankind is unified as well as unified with One GOD-Allah-Creator of the Universe. Thousands of different tribes pray shoulder to shoulder. As a convert to Islam I adore praying with other Muslims, which I never knew before. As fake Imam Agakhan an atheist kept me away from Islam, Allah and Quran. Gave his followers Hindu-Ismaili cult and ordered to use the fake ID of Islam and fake ID of Shia Muslim. It was such a shock to know that the fake Imam lied and cheated us about Islam. He is a dajjal anti-Allah.
    May Allah protect us from the Dajjaal’s mischief.//Salaam/Peace

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