Gillingham’s Ahmadi Muslim Imam Strongly Condemns London attack; Stresses standing united in the face of terrorism

Source: | By Chris Hunter,

Gillingham Imam Safeer Khan has spoken out to condemn terrorism and praise the heroes who stopped the London Bridge attacker.


Imam Safeer Khan has called for strength in unity following the London Bridge terror attack

Two people died when 28-year-old Usman Khan launched the knife attack at a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation at nearby Fishmongers Hall on Friday. But the attacker, who was also wearing a fake suicide vest, was shot dead by police after being followed onto London Bridge and brought to ground by members of the public.

Following the incident Mr Khan, Imam from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Gillingham, condemned the terrorist and spoke of the need for communities to stand united in the face of terrorism.

“I just wanted to let our locals know that we strongly condemn it and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” he told the KM Group. “Many might now have been sick and tired of these terrorists, so, are we as Muslims, as these people tarnish our religion and destroy our peace. Islam doesn’t allow terrorism. These people are clearly …read more at

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