MI: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community joins hand to help flood victims in Majuro

Source: rnz.co.nz

Over 200 evacuate as ocean swells flood Majuro Atoll

By Giff Johnson

About 200 people evacuated their homes in the capital of the Marshall Islands on Wednesday after big waves caused ocean inundation around the low-lying atoll.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Marshall Islands

The waves combined with an otherwise unremarkable high tide on Wednesday, with more flooding feared for Thursday and Friday before the tides recede.

Although damage appeared modest around Majuro Atoll, people’s homes and yards were flooded with ocean water, roads at the international airport were temporarily impassible.

Marshall Islands Red Cross official Harry Herming said 185 Majuro residents were relocated from flooded areas to two public elementary schools, while the Church of Latter-day Saints, Salvation Army and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community all opened their doors to additional local residents needing to evacuate from areas that flooded.

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