Gantz Says Netanyahu ‘Risks Igniting Civil War,’ Calls on Likud Members to Speak Out

General Gantz

Retired General Benny Gantz.  Suggested reading: Why Did Muhammad Fly to Jerusalem? and How can we build the Third Temple together?

Source: Haaretz


Statement follows leadership challenge from senior Likud member Gideon Sa’ar, who said Netanyahu is incapable of forming government

Kahol Lavan Chairman Benny Gantz called Saturday on Likud officials to cooperate with him and form a governing coalition, claiming that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu risks igniting a civil war.

“Likud leaders, it’s time to make your voice heard,” said Gantz in a statement to the media. “The last days and weeks leave no room for doubt – Netanyahu risks igniting a civil war between us,” he added.

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