Riyadh Agreement to ‘open the door’ for broader peace talks on Yemen, says King Salman

Arab News
Thursday . November 21, 2019

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia seeks a political settlement in Yemen and hoped that a recent agreement signed in Riyadh would open the door to broader peace talks, King Salman said on Wednesday.

The king was speaking at an annual address to the Shoura Council.

King Salman said “we deserve to feel proud of our nation’s success in eliminating extremist manifestations, and besieging its ideology by all means, to return to moderation, which is a characteristic of the Saudi society.”

Saudi Arabia and its allies intervened in the conflict in 2015, shortly after the Iran-backed Houthi militia took over the capital Sanaa.

He said the Kingdom’s oil policy aims to promote stability in global oil markets and looks to serve consumers and producers alike.

King Salman also said the initial public offering of Saudi Aramco will allow investors inside and outside the Kingdom to take part and will create thousands of jobs.

The revenues from the sale, he said, will be allocated to the country’s Public Investment Fund.

He said Aramco’s ability to quickly restore oil production capacity after attacks in September proved the Kingdom could meet global demand during any shortage.

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