Bangladesh sentences 16 to death for burning teen girl alive

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Bangladesh sentences 16 to death for burning teen girl alive

Nusrat Jahan had reported the principal of a religious school for attempted rape, but was then burnt alive for not withdrawing the complaint. Her death sparked public outrage and mass demonstrations.

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A court in Bangladesh sentenced 16 people to death on Thursday for the murder of Nusrat Jahan. The 18-year-old was set on fire after refusing to withdraw a sexual harassment complaint against the head teacher of the seminary she attended.

The killers poured kerosene over Jahan and set her on fire on the roof of her madrasa in April in the southeastern district of Feni.

She suffered severe burns and died in hospital five days later on April 10. Siraj Ud Doula, the head teacher, was among those sentenced to death.

“We are happy about the judgment,” Hafez Ahmed, a public prosecutor, told reporters after the court verdict.

Defense lawyers said they would appeal against the ruling in the high court. The case was fast-tracked with the hearing taking only 62 days.

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