Whistleblower who escaped Chinese ‘re-education camp’ reveals horrors of the gulag:


Ex-teacher tells how inmates were flayed, raped by guards in front of other prisoners, and given injections that made them infertile


Sayragul Sauytbay is an Uighur Muslim who was forced to teach Chinese to detainees at a ‘re-education camp’ in Xinjiang province

Managed to escape to neighbouring Kazakhstan and now has asylum in Sweden

She told of punishing conditions which turned people ‘into bodies without a soul’

Inmates slept 20 to a room with just a bucket for a toilet, were routinely tortured and raped, and were given injections that made them infertile, she said

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 13:39 GMT, 22 October 2019 |


An Uighur Muslim woman who was forced into a Chinese ‘re-education centre’ so she could teach the inmates has revealed the full horror of life at the prison camp after she escaped.

Sayragul Sauytbay, 43, was forced to spend five months at one of the camps in Xinjiang province between 2017 and 2018 where she taught other prisoners Chinese as part of efforts to indoctrinate them into Chinese culture.

During her time at the camp she witnessed an elderly woman who had her skin flayed off and fingernails pulled out for a minor act of defiance, a woman who was raped in turn by guards as part of a forced confession, and prisoners who suffered memory losses and infertility after being given mysterious injections.

She described how inmates sleep 20 to a room measuring 50ft by 50ft with a single bucket for a toilet, were routinely starved aside from Friday when they were force-fed pork, and spent hours learning political slogans such as ‘I love Xi Jinping’.

‘Inmates turned into bodies without a soul,’ she said.

China denied the existence of camps for Uighur people for years, but when images of the centres began to emerge, Beijing changed its story.

The government now acknowledges the existence of the camps but says they are ‘vocational education and training centres’ aimed at ‘stamping out extremism.’

It is thought China started its crackdown on the minority Turkic Muslim group in 2016, after a series of terror attacks by extremists.

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