Christians, Muslims, Jews unite against assisted suicide


Every human life is precious and sacred and killing one is like triggering a genocide. (Al Quran 5:32/33)


Vatican city.  The Muslim Times has the best collection for interfaith tolerance

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Leaders from three of the world’s major religions have joined forces against assisted suicide and euthanasia, in a declaration issued at the Vatican.

The declaration, backed by leaders of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, states that no health care provider should be “coerced or pressured” into providing assisted suicide or any form of euthanasia.

That should be the case even if local legal systems permit such acts, according to the declaration a copy of which the Vatican released on Monday.

The document adds that when death is imminent despite the medical treatments and technologies used, “it is justified to make the decision to withhold certain forms of medical treatment that would only prolong a precarious life of suffering.”


The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comment:

The question of suffering towards the end of life and pain relief is a very important one and should not be handled dogmatically.  Life is indeed sacred but the importance of relieving pain and suffering cannot be overestimated either.

The theologians should first spend enough time in hospitals to get a practical idea of what happens in all the Western hospitals towards the end of life and has been happening for a couple of decades now.  They should offer well informed opinions rather than dogmatic ones to simply please their followers or the traditionalists.

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