Seychelles: President Faure meets with Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon

21 October 2019 | Foreign Affairs

London, United Kingdom: President Danny Faure met with Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon this morning, Minister of State for the Commonwealth and the United Nations. Lord Ahmad is responsible for all Foreign and Commonwealth Office business in the House of Lords, and multilateral policy, including the Commonwealth, United Nations and human rights.

Lord Ahmad congratulated President Faure on his efforts to rally multilateral action around ocean conservation and climate action, and expressed the United Kingdom’s commitment to seeing 30% of the ocean protected by 2030. He also expressed the interest of the UK to grow the Commonwealth agenda around issues in environmental conservation, plastic pollution and ocean mapping.

The President thanked Lord Ahmad for his time and discussed the various areas that Seychelles could stand to benefit from the support of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, including coastal management, renewable energy and maritime security. On behalf of Seychelles, he thanked the British government for their continued assistance and important contribution to the development of Seychelles.

President Faure and Lord Ahmad committed to bolstering the strong ties between Seychelles and the UK, and building on the partnership represented by the Commonwealth.



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