Trump and Erdogan have much in common – and the Kurds will be the tragic victims of their idiocy

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How can the EU stand idly by while Turkey conducts such vile business with the assent of a US administration that is intent on causing chaos?

Robert Fisk
What perfidy. Is there any more solemn a word that can be developed in the English language for such treachery? The west’s Kurdish allies are being betrayed all over again. Like Kissinger, like Trump. And here come the Turks again, once more playing their border games, pretending they are fighting against “terrorism” when they were perfectly prepared to assist al-Nusra in Afrin while oil from Isis flowed into the country. And Trump now suddenly realises that the Turks are not good allies when he was perfectly happy to let them invade northern Syria four days ago.

If anything could be more illustrative of the madhouse in Washington it has been the divisive, insane “policy” which the Americans still claim to uphold in northern Syria. A hundred thousand displaced, dozens of civilians dead. In Damascus, the Assad regime must be appreciating this farce, although the chances of taking back territory from Turkey probably looks a good deal more dangerous. But the prospect of Syria’s invaders fighting each other will evoke only bitter reflection in a state where the government had almost won its war.

As for Trump himself, his preposterous remarks about Turkey and the Kurds – and Normandy, for heaven’s sake – and even the Second World War – merely prove once more that the US president is crackers. The Americans are leaving Syria, he told us some months ago. Then he says it again. And this is before anyone has thought about the resurrection of Isis, perhaps fleeing from their prisons along the border. Are we to have Isis back in Europe once more? Or fleeing along with the 3.6 million refugees with which Turkey has threatened Europe?

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  1. Our present world seems to be infested with war mongering n divisive leaders! With such politicians, are we ever going to see peace in our lifetime…?!

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