The Tories are about to launch an empty investigation into Islamophobia – don’t fall for their meaningless promises

This now downgraded inquiry will not address the specific problems the Conservatives have with Islamophobia. A broad-brush approach will not identify the root causes of this particular type of racism which has infected the party

Harun Khan

During the Conservative leadership election, all candidates committed to holding a specific inquiry into Islamophobia. This was welcomed across the board. I too was hopeful.

But on Tuesday, Boris Johnson announced that the inquiry will now only look broadly at prejudice and discrimination, rather than an in-depth dive into Islamophobia.

Taken at face value, the prime minister’s announcement of an inquiry by the en

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

d of the year into prejudice and discrimination in the Conservative Party is most welcome. Racism should have no place in our political landscape.

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