Not just Bali: Indonesia hopes to develop more tourism sites

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YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Hundreds of tourists, many of them young Westerners, sat on gray stone steps atop the world’s largest Buddhist temple, occasionally checking cellphones or whispering to each other as they waited for daylight.

Sunrise wasn’t spectacular on that recent summer day. But even an ordinary dawn at Borobudur Temple — nine stone tiers stacked like a wedding cake and adorned with hundreds of Buddha statues and relief panels — provided a memorable experience.

The 9th century temple is in the center of Indonesia’s Java island, a densely populated region with stunning vistas. Other highlights include the towering Hindu temple complex of Prambanan, like Borobudur a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Mount Merapi, the country’s most active volcano, whose lava-covered slopes are accessible by jeep.

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  1. Well, Lombok is developing fast too. Land prices near my house are getting higher and higher. The time for investment is NOW.

    • very much depends on the exact location. Sea view, South Lombok, 120 – 130 USD. (South Lombok is sort of ‘upcoming’, not yet very famous, but a lot going on there now)> In my neighborhood, Senggigi, I do not see anything for sale, would be higher. But there would also be cheaper locations. – Depends what the investor wants to build. If a 100 million dollar hotel then the land price alone would not matter that much, for a personal residence, yes, the land price is important too.

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