#IslamAhmadiyya 100 Years Ago… – A glimpse of Jalsa Salana Qadian 1919

Source: alhakam.org

Information acquired from Al Fazl, 5,8,12 and 15 January 1920

Jalsa History Ahmadiyya

This year, prior to the Jalsa days, a heavy spell of rain perturbed the organisers. They faced harsh circumstances and it was assumed that the tough weather conditions may stop many attendees to travel to Qadian for Jalsa. Moreover, the scarcity of means of transport in the Amritsar area, owing to the hustle and bustle of political activists from both camps of the Muslim League and Congress, fuelled worries of the Jalsa management.

Another important factor, which also added to the concern of the organisers in 1919, was that the Jamaat had two annual Jalsas in Qadian. For known reasons, in 1918, conditions were not favorable to organise a Jalsa in Qadian during the month of December [thus Jalsa Salana 1918 was held the following year in early 1919].

Post-World War I, a dearth of everyday commodities was common, but the huge gathering at Jalsa Qadian utterly dumped all assumptions about supplies because visiting Qadian is something out of this world. This spiritual bond of devout members of the Jamaat with the Markaz, Qadian, is evident from day one. Visiting the Markaz does not solely depend on provision of worldly means. So the attendance remained between six to seven thousand this year.

This year, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra appointed Hazrat Syed Sarwar Shah Sahibra as the chief-organiser of Jalsa arrangements. He did his utmost along with his team members to handle the unprecedented situation which arose due to the sudden downpour during Jalsa days.
The first day of Jalsa commenced on Friday, 26 December 1919 in Masjid Nur, Qadian where an arena like sitting arrangement was set up with the help of some locally available wooden material. This first session was presided over by …read more at source.

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