A global vision for peace by the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslims

Two Flying Doves

Source: Alislam.org

Fractured societies are becoming ever more polarised and are rapidly reaching a breaking point, with tensions threatening to boil over at any point. At an international level, various nations are competing with one another in an effort to gain power and control. For the sake of attaining economic or geo-political power, or in order to force people with different values or beliefs to bend to their will, unjust wars are taking place. For example, economic and trade wars have started in order to assert dominance and to hinder the growth of rival nations.

Furthermore, the world is being plagued by the blood-soaked stain of conventional warfare, in which destructive weapons of mass destruction are being used to crush nations and to extinguish the future prospects of the coming generations. In our selfish quest for wealth and power, we are ruthlessly destroying the prospects of today’s youth through a never-ending stream of perpetual injustice and savage cruelty. A desperate yet very tangible fear is that what we are witnessing today could, at any moment, escalate into a truly global catastrophe whose dire consequences are far beyond our imagination.

In short, it is difficult to identify any part of the world that may be classed as secure and free from dissension and strife. Frequently, certain major powers use their might and wealth to force weaker nations to conform to their will. Even some of the lesser powers, with the backing of powerful allies, use unjust means against their neighbouring countries in order to assert their regional dominance.

In addition, terrorist groups continue to pursue violence and bloodshed in order to fulfil their vested interests. Furthermore, some so-called ‘religious’ organisations deceivingly use the name of religion to justify extremism, when their real objective is to acquire wealth and power.

Increasingly, the far-right poses a profound and ominous threat to the peace and well-being of Europe and other parts of the world. Far-right members, in the name of nationalism, advocate an end to modern-day multicultural and pluralistic societies and instead seek to impose their own racist and prejudiced ideologies on society. For the sake of protecting what they consider to be their nation’s identity and purity, intolerant bigots are viciously targeting immigrants, many of whom have lived peacefully for decades in their adopted countries and have contributed to its success as model citizens.

In addition, disregarding basic principles of ethics and fairness, certain nations or groups are sparing no effort in their quest to take control of the world’s financial markets and business interests for the sake of their personal enrichment at the cost of others.

In summary, as I have already said, conflict is prevalent throughout the world and visible at every level of society. Thus, despite our innate desire for peace to prevail, we are seeing the polar opposite come to pass.

I have expressed my concerns about the deteriorating state of the world for several years and now, increasingly, other people are also raising their voice to articulate their fears about the world’s lack of peace and security. Hence, I shall now mention recent statements made by certain geo-political experts, politicians and analysts who are openly asserting their apprehensions and are calling for restraint and urgent reform in order to safeguard the peace and security of the world.

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