Islamic TV channel that called gay people ‘insane’ and ‘worse than animals’ breached Ofcom regulations

Peace TV, which airs on Sky, also said magicians should be killed and underage girls being married off was no problem

Colin Drury
The Independent

An Islamic TV station which has aired programmes calling homosexuality “insane” and gay people “worse than animals” could be stripped of its UK broadcasting licence after breaching Ofcom regulations.

Peace TV, which is available as a digital channel on Sky, also called for magicians to be killed and said underage girls being married off was “no problem at all”.

The Dubai-based channel may now be taken off air in the UK after watchdog Ofcom found four of its programmes had breached regulations on inciting crime, hate speech and abuse.

One show, called Strengthening Your Family, The Valley of the Homosexuals, said homosexuality was “a very unnatural type of love that is energised by the influence of [Satan]”. The programme, which aired in March 2018, also made reference to gay people dying “from a disease they contracted because they are homosexual”.

Presenter Imam Qasim Khan told viewers: “Men marrying men, being on television in front of our children, kissing each other in the mouth, walking down the street, hugging and kissing – this society has gone insane.”


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