UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Jalsa Salana to showcase true Islam & clear common misconceptions


Jalsa Salana, the UK’s biggest convention of Muslims, will take place on August 2-4 to showcase what true Islam is and challenge the most common misconceptions around the religion.

Jalsa Salana UK

35,000 people from over 100 countries will descend on a 200-acre farm in Hampshire, which will be converted into a mini-village for the three days.

It’s being organised by 7,000 male and female volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, who will also help run an on-site bread factory that will produce 300,000 pieces of roti and naan bread to feed the festival-goers, at an impressive rate of 10,000 an hour.

There will also be a range of South Asian and European cuisine on offer.

Farhad Ahmed from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is inviting people from all cultures to visit the farm and ‘find out if Islam is a religion of peace or not.’

‘Often people have questions about Islam,’ he said.

‘Many know about those who have travelled to Syria to join the so-called and wrongful Caliphate of Isis.

‘However, very few are aware of the true peaceful Caliphate here in the… READ MORE AT SOURCE.

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  1. misunderstanding removed= What is the population of Ahmadis Muslims (Qadianis) worldwide and where are their holy places located?1= Real name of Community

    May I humbly remind that ‘Qadianis’ is a hateful slang word used for the whole Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Founder of the Community Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian used Qadiani after his name because he was from that town in India.

    The name Ahmadiyya was given to Community by its Founder to commemorate the name Ahmad of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) who has two names; Muhammad and Ahmad. Holy Prophet PBUH prophesied name Ahmad would be manifested in Later Days and his servant would appear through whom qualities of beauty will be manifested. Name Ahmad indicated he would spread peace and security in the world. His followers are called Ahmadis or Ahmadiyya Muslims.

    2=Ahmadiyya population and their worldwide role

    The Ahmadiyya Muslim community spans in 212 countries and members are exceeding tens of millions. They are most law-abiding educated, peaceful and peace-giving citizens of respective countries.

    3=Where are their holy places located?…more

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